Devesh Samtani was an extraordinary young man

A smile that lit up a room, a laugh that still echoes throughout our minds and a heart so pure and full of light. His dreams revolved around succeeding tremendously in the finance field and providing for the less fortunate. Devesh lived and he most certainly loved.

“He was the brightest star,” said his aunt, Jennifer Kurani. “He was a part of everything that could better other people’s lives.” His fam­ily tells us they will be set­ting up a fund to help chil­dren in need who want to go into math and eco­nom­ics, the same fields Devesh was in­ter­ested in.

“If my son could not ful­fill his dream due to the tragedy, maybe some­one else can ful­fill their dream,” said his mother, Mala. “That is a way we can give back to the uni­verse in his name . I can keep my son in my mem­o­ries by help­ing others.”

The Devesh Samtani Scholarship offered with New York University will be awarded as early as Fall 2022 to a young adult in need of support.

Ash’s Covid-19 Birthday Bash, a children’s book Devesh co-authored is being sold on various channels and all proceeds are going to charity. This book was written to help children grasp a better understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on their daily lives.

Devesh always pursued his dreams. Today, in his absence, his legacy will transform the dreams of others into reality.