The Devesh Samtani Foundation

A non-profit organisation built to give quality education to children from low-income families, especially the ethnic minorities, in Hong Kong. The foundation will offer their service and support with love, dedication, enthusiasm, compassion, integrity, and a spirit of cooperation.

The vision is to create a level playing field for children to realise their dreams and potential.

To provide them with the opportunity to excel and grow into responsible citizens with humility and kindness.

On Devesh’s birthday, 5th March 2022, to honour his kind and generous heart, the family have launched the first initiative of the Devesh Samtani Foundation: Devu’s Mathlete. A programme that will nurture and develop children’s potential in math. We are giving those who don’t have the opportunity to excel, a platform that they can rely on to fulfill their truest potential. 

Devu’s Mathlete mantra:

To Motivate students throughout the learning process and to Achieve their goals and become a Topper. In addition, staying Humble which will help them climb the ladder of becoming future Leaders. He believed that every learner should Excel in the areas of their Talent and continue to stay Enthusiastic. 

The first classes began on Zoom on Devesh’s birthday with XYZ amount of children. The foundation is delighted to provide this opportunity for these children and honour Devesh’s intelligence and passion for math. 

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Ash’s Covid-19 Birthday Bash

This book has been written to help children grasp a better understanding of the covid-19 pandemic and its effects on their daily lives. We hope that Ash’s real-life perspective and tips on good hygiene will help reinforce the importance of good hygiene.

Devesh Samtani, 18, was scheduled to start New York University in the Fall of 2021 as a freshman. Instead, his family is mourning his death and speaking about their loss. He was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver on Aug. 10 while walking with his cousin. Today he is remembered as a great student and a published author who wrote a children’s book on COVID-19.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to charities that support children affected by COVID-19.