Moments of Devesh's Life

Devesh loved Christmas & presents – we’d sometimes catch him wrapping his own presents just ‘so he could unwrap them’. He’d always give the best presents and receive the best ones too!


His nickname was Devu, which was given by his mom. But to his friends, he was Devo.


When someone would say ‘love you’ to Devesh, he’d reply saying ‘I love you more.’

Liked baking, he would bake for each family member’s birthday and bring his mom breakfast in bed. He actually loved all celebrations.


He loved selfies, whenever him and his mom we alone – even if they were at home, they’d take selfies together. She now has a whole collection of them.

He loved Marvel movies

His favourite food was pink sauce pasta, favourite cuisines were Italian and Chinese


  • Loved watersports & boats – he really enjoyed wakeboarding in particular! 

Devesh loved adventurous activities – he had been skydiving, bungee jumping, used to go on hikes with his friends in Hong Kong

His favourite word – ‘Yippee!’- he’d say this whenever anything good happened

He started studying and investing in the stock market (and is still doing really well!) – it was his passion. He wanted to own his own hedge fund one day

Favourite food – NOODLES! Devesh loved Korean Fire noodles – one of the spiciest noodles in the world. He’d have it almost everyday, we would try to hide it from him but he’d almost always find it. It’s called the Korean spicy noodle challenge on You Tube. He also really loved pasta & we’d see him having a whole plate full quite often. During the lockdown, everytime Devu ate pasta, he’d have it outdoors and pretend he was in Italy. 

Favourite car – Tesla Model 3 in Red.

His favourite football team was Arsenal, just like his older brother Kunal.

His favourite basketball team was the Kniks and he watched them play when he was 10! He himself was good at basketball, he was over 6 ft tall which (and very happy about being the tallest in the family :)) came in handy


Devesh loved travelling, he had travelled to so many places for his age – Switzerland, Fiji, Bali, the UK, South Africa, Thailand, India, Capri and while on holiday, he would love doing adventurous activities. He bungee jumped in Macau (and smiled the entire way down), did sky diving in Fiji, shark cage diving in South Africa and so much more.


Devesh played the piano, loved dancing – he did solos in front of hundreds of people from as early as 5-6 years old!